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About Us
Established in March 2003, Mackie Mack is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and online retailer of personalized stationery products, including folded notecards, announcements, invitations, postcards, clothing, canvas tote bags and canvas paintings. Although we do carry popular in-stock items, Mackie Mack’s specialty continues to be custom orders. Customers are able to personalize their products by choosing the colors, names and appearance of their characters. Each original design is created by artist and owner, Chris Hill. There are over 70 Mackie Mack designs to choose from.

We are currently in the process of developing an online retail site. This project will hopefully be up and running by April 2004. We are planning on marketing our products at a “suggested retail” pricing level and do not intend on competing with our dealers in any way. We will have a “store locator” on our site for all customers that want and need the personal contact.

Payment Terms
Once your credit references have been approved, we will be ready to do business! We require a full payment by check upon receipt of your initial order. Repeat orders will be held to a Net-30 payment term. Late charges will be added to all past due accounts and we will not be able to fulfill any further orders until the entire balance is received. We are planning to accept credit card payments around mid-April.

Copyright Notice
All Mackie Mack images are protected by copyright and are licensed to dealers exclusively for the purpose of obtaining products from Mackie Mack. Any other use without the written consent of Mackie Mack is strictly prohibited. Mackie Mack reserves the right to terminate a dealer ’s rights to sell our products at any time without notification.

Apply to be a Mackie Mack Reseller
 Print this form (requires acrobat reader), fill it out and fax to: 415-888-2016.


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